About Us

Pioneering Data-Driven Transformation in Senior Living.

Leveraging the power of data to redefine the senior living landscape.

Established in 2019

270+ Collegiate Markets

3K+ Purpose Built Properties

Who We Are

Senior House, a House Analytics Company.

At House Analytics, our mission is to advance data excellence across commercial real estate sectors. We began our journey with College House, pioneering data-driven solutions in student housing. Building on this achievement, we introduced Senior House to innovate the seniors housing industry through impactful insights and data visualization tools. As we continue to grow, our unwavering commitment remains with the sectors we serve, driving data-driven decision-making and operational enhancement. We're dedicated to empowering professionals and organizations with the insights they need to transform their real estate endeavors, leading the way in a more data-driven future.


Data Protection and Privacy.

At Senior House, data protection and privacy are foundational to our core values. We prioritize your information’s security through continuous team education on the latest security protocols, making Product Security a cornerstone to our approach. Whether you interact with our team, solutions, or platforms, you can trust that your data’s safety is our top priority.

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Meet the Team

The People Who Make it Possible

Charlie Matthews Headshot

Charlie Matthews

Founder and CEO

Adrian Lawrence Headshot

Adrian Lawrence

Co-Founder, CTO

Leonard Bresler Headshot

Leonard Bresler

Chief Operating Officer

Laura Chapman Headshot

Laura Chapman

Chief Product Officer

Mike Simpson Headshot

Mike Simpson

Chief Software Architect

Reed Maness Headshot

Reed Maness

Product Development Manager

Matthew Hannan Headhot

Matthew Hannan

Head of Data Analytics

Luke Hovee Headshot

Luke Hovee

Senior Software Engineer

MacRae Brown Headshot

MacRae Brown

Manager of Marketing