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Streamline Seniors Housing Data.

Senior House provides actionable analytics tools that equips industry professionals with the necessary insights to drive business.

Senior House main platform dashboard with powerful seniors housing data analytics.
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Industry Data

Market Visibility with Industry Reports.

Access market insights within the seniors housing industry.

Our database offers transparency, allowing you to compare and asses market performance across different regions.

Senior House provides benchmarks on how to better analyze performance at scale.

Bar graph showing average rates of seniors housing for average, independent, assisted, and memory care types
Data graph displaying senior population trends.
Data graphic displaying total units, occupancy and average RevPOR for seniors housing.
Market Data

Analyze Market Conditions & Trends.

Examine current seniors housing market fundamentals and analyze relevant performance trends with market visibility.

Monitor unit mix occupancy percentages throughout the year.

Stay ahead by understanding the prevailing rates for a specific market.

Stay informed about real-time pricing trends.

Monitor rate fluctuations and trends throughout the year.

Explore Levels of Care available at a particular community.

Community Data

Unlock Community-Level Insights.

In the dynamic world of seniors housing, understanding local nuances and trends is essential.

We get granular so you don’t have to. Access community insights right down to the floor level plan.

Track rate changes throughout the year.

View data as it is relevant to you and your business. Senior House prides itself on providing accurate and timely information.

Data graph displaying floor plan mixes of 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom.
Floor plan bar graph showing by independent, assisted, and memory care types.
Data you can Trust

Data Exports & Historical Data

Receive access to custom reporting upgrades. Learn more about the market data we track.

CSV or PDF Downloads

Download detailed reporting as PDF or CSV for any use.

Weekly Data Transfer

Optimize internal analysis and drive informed decision-making.

Historical Data

Week over Week, Month over Month, Year over Year.


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Senior House’s web application is a subscription-based solution. Users can choose to have access to 1 market, a subset of markets or every market available within the Senior House Web Platform.

Senior House tracks granular and relevant data at the Industry, Market, and Property Levels. These data points include occupancy, average rate, historical trends, level of care and much more.

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